Local Ownership

A strong presence in the community is necessary to ensure your hospital’s rehabilitation department is the provider of choice in your service area.

Shared Risk Contracts

We take a strategic approach when forming contracts with the hospitals we serve. We use our awareness of cost report allowances to ensure fair market contracts.

Creating a Culture of Availability

Using team approach to help hospitals achieve their rehabilitation strategic objectives. Our culture of availability to our patients is centric to our mission.

Preparing Hospitals for Value Based Care

Establishing local standards of behavior through leadership and team training.

Management Solutions

We offer 3 models of service: Employed, Management and Consultant.

Integrated Strategic Partners in Rehabilitation

Every hospital has different needs of their rehabilitation services.  There can be multiple factors involved, and InSPIRe can analyze those factors to set up a strategic contract that includes a vision for the future.  Some hospitals may simply want their rehab provided by a contract company.  Not all hospitals are comfortable with the rehabilitation staff working for another company. Therefore, we have put together a management model in which the manager is employed by InSPIRe and has local ownership opportunities. Still not comfortable? No problem. We can mentor and hold accountable your current rehabilitation staff through a no risk contract based on growth of the department.

 Whatever your needs or situation, we are able to discuss what’s best for you and offer a solution to provide the highest level of rehabilitation services at your facility.